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Blacklisted and in need of a loan

So many people are blacklisted for one reason or another. Does that mean you will not be entitled to apply for a loan, NO! Our service is quick, easy and hassle free. You will receive feedback within 24 hours  from us receiving the necessary documents.


  • 3 Month’s bank statement
  • Proof of residence not older than 3 months
  • SA ID book
  • Proof of employment




Edgars Personal Loan

Apply for your Edgars Personal loan now and get real convenience. Loans are approved within hours and you will have your money in your account. Get a R250 gift voucher with an Edgars Personal Loan from R4 000.To apply for an Edgars Personal Loan you will need the following:

  • Earn a gross monthly salary of R4 000 or more
  • Have a clear credit record

Do have the following documents handy:

  • Your latest payslip
  • Three months’ recent bank statements
  • Proof of residence and an identity document

Metrofin Loans

Metrofin Loans confine customer base to those clients who are formally employed.  Get your Metrofin Short term or long term loan and get convenience of a flexible interest rate and longer repayment period as you may see it fit.

With Metrofin Loans all we require is your employment and banking details and your loan is on its way. Get your Loan now.

589 Lois Ave
phone 012 347 8153

Loans in Carletonville

Are you Looking for a loan in Carletonville, Gauteng. Find here a list of providers who provide loans to people. Get payday loans, short term loans and long term loans. Get loans even if you are blacklisted.

Shosholoza Finance
Services provided in Johannesburg and surrounding areas
Call:011 615 4302

Tshepang Business Enterprise
11 Osmium Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 787 2254

Bridge Loans
Corner Osmium & Amethys Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 786 3000 | 073 046 7407
“Let us help you bridge the gap.”

Elite Group Pty Ltd
Shop 4 Gateway Mall, Osmium Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 786 2674

Atlas Finance
75 Annan Road,
Central, Carletonville
Call: 087 701 2325
“From our family to yours.”

Cash Crusaders
Emerald Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 788 4812
“Real deals every day.”
Bridge Corporate Pty Ltd
Shop 26, Gateway Mall, Amethyst Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 786 3000 | 073 046 7407
“The leader who says yes more often.”
Sizanane Cash Loans
5333 Osmium Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 786 2276

Phambile Cash Loan & Pawn Shop
Shop 4, Main Avenue,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 789 8206

Oberholzer Pandjies Winkel
54 Van Zyl Smit Street,
Oberholzer, Carletonville
Call:018 788 6362

Microfin Cash Loans
Flint Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 788 4523

JPC Cash Corp
8 Fluorspar Street,
Central, Carletonville
Call:018 786 3055


Pick n Pay Financial Services

Pick n Pay Financial Services is part of the Pick n Pay Group. Pick n Pay was established in 1967 as a prime retail outlet in South Africa. Today, Pick n Pay stands as the second largest supermarket chain store in the in South Africa with an extended business footprint in other nations around Southern Africa such as Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia,Mauritius etc.

With such an extensive retail network and huge clientele, it’s not surprising then that Pick n Pay ventured into the provision of financial services. One of the thriving products coming out of financial services are the RSA Retail Savings Bonds.

The RSA Retail Savings Bonds offers clients the opportunity to invest in accessible, affordable, secure and risk free investment bonds. By law, the South African Reserve Bank has endorsed the reduction of the cheque item limit from R5 million to R500,000. This is a risk reduction measure to combat the excessive fraud committed in the use of cheques, whether personal or bank guaranteed. These bonds come with fixed as well as inflation linked rates. Under fixed rates, 2 year fixed rate percentage is at 7.25%, 3 years is at 7.75% and 5 years is at 8.25%. Under the inflation linked rates, 3 year inflation rate is at 1.00%, 5 years is at 1.25% and 10 years is at 2.25%.

The RSA Retail Savings Bonds are indeed providing the right avenue to invest for secure retirement. Prospective clients can register for this product on 0123155888.

Gumtree loans for people under debt review

Get access to a loan quickly and conveniently, with Gumtree Loans. You can get a loan for up to R40,000 and loan periods are between 3 months and 42 months.

Gumtree Loans are personalized to your individual profile and needs. We consider you, your needs and your budget and offer you a deal suited specifically for you. With our Access Loan, you will also have access to insurance cover that will pay off your loan if you pass away or become disabled.

Get your loan here

Capitec Bank Multi Loan

A  Capitec Bank Multi Loan is a monthly loan  designed for  daily needs or emergencies, reviewed every 12 months at a branch. You can get any amount up to R100 000 with a free credit life insurance on those between 6 to 48 months. Furthermore the cash is available immediately after approval. If you are a client of this Bank and your salary is deposited here you can qualify for lower interest rates. If you pay on a monthly basis you can qualify for 1 – 48 month loans and those on a weekly basis for 1 – 12 month ones.

  • Interest and fees are only charged on the funds that you advance. So if you are approved for a R3000 Multi Loan and you advance R500 while out on the town, you will only pay interest and fees on the R500. Clients can use their Capitec  Global One cards to draw the cash at retailers or ATMs, or swipe their card at retailers to make card purchases. Remember, clients pay ZERO FEES for debit card purchases.
  • Your  Capitec Bank Multi Loan is repayable each month. This means that anything you use (i.e. the advance) must be settled at the end of the month.
  • Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using our ATMs, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking
  • Interest and fees only charged on money transferred
  • Repayable in full each month

Apply for  your quick personal loan here

Capitec Bank Temporary Short Term

Apply for a Capitec Bank Temporary Short Term Loan and get convenience of any amount depending on your credit profile and affordability. With free retrenchment and death cover you’re retrenched when the loan is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered.

  • Apply in A Capitec Bank  branch – approved in minutes, cash available immediately
  • Apply online – we’ll get in touch and once approved, cash will be available immediately
  • Amount based on your credit profile and affordability

You must be your current employer for longer than 2 months and be earning a salary and not just commission, and not self employed.

Finchoice Contact Details

Finchoice, a member of the Homechoice group offer quick short and long term loans. To contact Finchoice, use any of the methods below.

tel: 0861 346 246


SMS “LOAN“ to 083 8555 700
and we’ll call you back

Register: *130*1048#

KwikServe: *120*1048#

Address: 78 Main Road, Wynberg, 7800

Postal: Private Bag X50, Claremont, 7735

Fax: 021 680 8260

FinChoice call centre hours
Monday – Friday 08:30 – 19:45
Saturday 08:30 – 17:00
Sunday 09:00 – 14:00
Public holidays 08:30 – 13:00

Loans for Government Employees in South Africa

Whichever government department you work, we are able to assist.Get a Government Loan now of up to R250,000 with an easy online application process. It Takes 48 Hours to Approve

Consolidation Loan for Government Employees(Get one big Loan, pay off all your other Small loans and or Credit cards and just pay one affordable Installment per month), Credit Card for Government Employees, Payday Loan for Government Employees.

Apply for your loan here