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How to challenge a Blacklisting

If you want to remove blacklisting on ITC it is important to first understand the New Credit Act of South Africa which provides guidelines as to how creditors need to conduct their business. The act tries to limit chances of blacklisting by promoting responsible behavior on both sides. In order to challenge blacklisting you must make sure that you identify loop holes on the creditors side. These are than used during the process of lodging with the NCR– New Credit Regulator

How to challenge a Blacklisting

The first step you need to take is to request you credit record. The new act allows that you can have at least one free credit report a year.

Once you have the report, you now need to go through the list of all creditors appearing. This will show you the status next to each line. It is not difficult to spot a default or even a judgement if there is one on your name.

Being blacklisted on ITC and with the credit bureau can be erased; with our help you CAN access loan and credit facilities